The ECR ion source injector project at the Manne Siegbahn Laboratory

The Electron Cyclotron Resonance ion source project is presently in its commissioning stage. The aim of the project is to deliver high currents of a wide variety of ion beams, with energies up to 300 kV*q, for injection into the synchrotron storage ring CRYRING as well as for atomic and surface physics experiments.

The ECR source of the HYPERNANOGAN type is delivered by the Pantechnik s.a. in France. The source is a single stage plasma device capable of producing highly charged ions of low mass and intermediate charge states of high mass ions. The source is equipped with three different injection system, gas only, furnace for melted metals (Li, Ca, Pb, Ag....) and a sputtering device for metals and compounds (Ta, W, Mo....). The source will operate at a frequency of 14,5 GHz with a maximum rf-power of 2 kW. A solenoidal electromagnetic structure superimposed on a hexapolar permanent magnetic field is used to confine the plasma. Extraction voltages up to 30 kV are feasible. The afterglow effect will be utilised for injection into CRYRING.


Examples of expected ion currents in electric microamperes

q 5 6 7 8 14 22 24 25 32
N 500 120              
O     130            
Ar       550  10         
Xe            30   27   12   0,5 
Ta             20    
Pb               14  

The ion source is mounted on a 300 kV high voltage platform. A 102 degree double focusing analysing magnet is used to resolve ions with different charge to mass ratios. The high voltage supply and the 350 kVA isolated power supply will be situated in the power hall 30 meters away from the platform and connected to the ion source platform by high voltage cables.

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