Manne Siegbahn Laboratory (1937 - 2011)

Legacy information

The Manne Siegbahn Laboratory (MSL) was a research facility, during its last years a part of Fysikum, the physics department of Stockholm University. MSL was situated in the Manne Siegbahn building, which is located just north of the underground station "Universitetet". The laboratory was performing research and development in accelerator physics. In the last period of its existence, the activities at the laboratory included the design and construction of the double electrostatic storage ring DESIREE, and participation in the FLAIR project and in the Stockholm-Uppsala Centre for Free Electron Laser Research.

In the years 1992 - 2009 MSL operated the CRYRING facility for experiments in atomic and molecular physics. The ring has now been moved to Darmstadt in Germany, where it will become a part of the new international FLAIR facility. A report listing all publications in refereed journals based on experimental results from CRYRING plus all doctoral and licenciate dissertations based on CRYRING data has been published. Click on "Reports" in the menu to the left to find this publication.